Product Copy: Huawei Band 3 Pro

Originally Created for Isobar ( in service of Huawei Band 3 Pro product launch) – 2018

HUAWEI Band 3 Pro AMOLED touchscreen

A Spark of Magic on the Go

Full-function 0.95” AMOLED colour clickable touchscreen, brings the seamless vision of a 2.5D display to your wristband. See the future you through this bright screen.

Meet the Wearable’s Wearable

Rain or shine, black tie or shorts, this is a wearable that is a pleasure to wear. Thin, classy, colorful soft silicone strap and an ergonomically designed curvature will make sure that your body and your skin will thank you for wearing it.

HUAWEI Band 3 Pro id

Holistic Health Tracking

Keep your mind on your body.

Designed to be comfortably worn 24 hours a day, this watch is a guardian of your health. Sleep monitoring, heart rate, and stress levels, as well as your activity tracking, add up to give you a holistic picture to inspire smarter health.

Smarter Heart Monitoring

Innovative hardware design using IR light, backed by intelligent AI, will give you precise, up-to-the-second heart rate data day or night with the HUAWEI TruSeen™ 3.0 precision heart monitoring system.

HUAWEI Band 3 Pro Trusleep2.0 sleeping

Take Control of Your Sleep

HUAWEI TruSleep helps you identify and correct the six most common sleep-related issues. This feature provides you with more than 200 potential solutions and suggestions to help you sleep better and make mornings easier.

*Huawei TruSleep technology has been clinically validated in the top hospitals in China.

*Used with Huawei Sports Health App

SmartSports Tracking and Coaching

Develop a love for exercise by exercising correctly with a professional trainer on your wrist. With carefully designed personal training programming that relies on your vital stats, you can develop the right exercise habits from day one and keep your body healthy the smart way.

Built-in GPS With Stamina

A low power consumption independent GPS tuned for long-distance running makes sure you know exactly where you are, and how far you’ve gone, with 7 hours of battery life.

*Performance will vary depending on usage and specific use conditions. Performance values derived from HUAWEI laboratory testing.

Swim Smarter, Swim Better

Swim like a champ, with intelligent feedback to recognize and improve your stroke, in the pool and in open water. Waterproof up to 50 meters, HUAWEI Band 3 Pro offers swimming data such as calories, number of turns and average SWOLF, to improve your swimming.

Life Convenience at a Touch

Control your life without taking out your phone, with reminders, alerts, biometrics, photography functions, and design comfortable enough to keep with you day and night.

HUAWEI Band 3 Pro intelligent partner

Control Your Life With a Touch

A wristband that can help you keep your life at your fingertips, even when you’re hands-free. Find your phone, see an incoming call and caller ID that lets you mute or reject calls, content preview for messaging programs and alerts, photo timer and remote shots, all with a touch of your finger to your wrist.

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