Marketing is Bullshit

Yes, this is a loud and attention-grabbing statement, but it serves a purpose. Modern marketing, according to marketers, is a complex, byzantine part-art part-science (with a little bit of magic thrown in).  

This image of marketing is useful to marketers. They get to protect their turf and overwhelm clients and employers with acronyms, trendy strategies, and often irrelevant metrics to justify fees and salaries. Often, without delivering a bottom-line business benefit. I’m talking about cash money return on investment that marketing can deliver, but often does not. 

It doesn’t need to be this way. We can do better. So, let’s talk about how you can start getting better business outcomes today, without bullshit. 

The fruits of your labor are underground.


Copy + Strategy

A brand is how the consumer (and the general public) feels about your company, products, service, logos, website, customer service – everything. It’s the sum total of what impression you, as a business, made on the world.  

While any individual marketing tactics can help you grow your business, the real power of your marketing is in taking a holistic, value-driven look at what your brand is and does. 

By looking beyond any individual campaign or task, we can help you build a brand engine that helps create trust with your customers. Click the button below to see a few of our favorite brand-building projects.