How Transparency Solves “The Big Invisible Problem”

Why companies choose to ignore the problems that (eventually) kill them. Originally published in “The Startup” If you want to be an effective consultant or freelancer, you have to help your client deal with the big problems. You have to hunt these problems down, even as your client or employer actively tries to hide them from you. Weird, right? I’m talking about those big, ugly… Read More »How Transparency Solves “The Big Invisible Problem”

AR is coming.

Why your business must prepare for the 3D revolution

While the technology is complex, cumbersome, and expensive, it will inevitably be the tool of big institutions like governments and corporations. Only when the average person has access to create will the technology bloom and reach its full potential, reshaping the experiential landscape for the average consumer.

Gensler: Flora Li’s Design Perspective on Workplace Design

Gensler – November 2017 Flora Li is a Design Director in the Gensler Shanghai office. As a Senior Associate and the Regional Practice Area Leader for Financial Service Firms, Flora has amassed more than a decade of design experience, creating comfortable and forward-thinking workspaces for professional firms. Her motto is “Design Must Add Value.” This interview was recorded and ed edited in the Gensler offices,… Read More »Gensler: Flora Li’s Design Perspective on Workplace Design

Gensler: Peter Weingarten ULI Japan Keynote.

Gensler – September 2017 Peter Weingarten, Gensler’s Regional Managing Principal for Asia, delivered the closing keynote address at the ULI Japan Spring Conference 2017 in Tokyo. His speech focused on the trends and market expectations impacting workplace and commercial building design in the Bay Area of the United States. The presentation recording was edited for time and content relevance, and converted to an audio-visual presentation… Read More »Gensler: Peter Weingarten ULI Japan Keynote.

Your Device is Watching, Look Silly

The iPhone X brought real-time facial recognition technology into mainstream consciousness. Since the launch, the Face ID tech proved vulnerable to twins, coworkers that look like you, family members, and paper and stone masks. These vulnerabilities aside, it does represent the pinnacle of consumer-grade implementation of facial recognition technology. With the climbing sales of the device, the idea of facial recognition gained the sense of the everyday.

vaping helps quit smoking

Black Market Vapes are causing the “Mysterious Vaping Illness:

aping is in the news again, with hundreds of headlines around the world talking about the tragic death of a man in Illinois, and close to 200 cases of lung injury and respiratory sickness. Most of the reporting, and virtually all of the headlines mention “vaping”, generating clicks and consumer panic. In reality, this story seems to be the continuation of the Anti-Vaping Moral Panic. It’s apparent, with a little research, that the causes of these injuries have very little to do with a scientifically-proven effective aid in smoking cessation, and a lot with unscrupulous black-market commerce, drug abuse, and simple fearmongering. We hope that our investigation helps you make sense of the sensational reporting, and helps prevent smokers who are trying to quit from smoking even one unnecessary cigarette for fear of vaping.